NZ Beverages Limited

The brief was to create a superior still and sparkling water brand that would be sold in exclusive restaurants across China and New Zealand. Creating a visual language that would appeal to these two diverse audiences was critical to success.


We were inspired by the highly decorative nature of New Zealand’s historical stamps and early 19th century landscape art. Purity is referenced by an illustration of glacial ranges that seem to suggest Pre-European New Zealand, flawless and raw. The typography finished with gold foil reinforces a sense of premium opulence.

"Marx Design have impressed me at every turn with their ability to translate my loose ideas and general concepts into award winning trademarked designs and packaging that not only appeals to the senses of our target customers half a world away but also ensure our brands are unique and defensible in a highly competitive marketplace. Winning a gold award at last year’s Best Awards for our New Zealand Artesian Water packaging is testament to the hard work, fresh thinking and commitment to excellence, not to mention the combined skills and talents of Ryan and his team. Ryan’s business maybe boutique but I love it for that reason, just because they are small does not mean they cannot think big and deliver well above your expectations. They are also a great bunch of people to deal with!"

PAUL THOMPSON – Director, New Zealand Spring Water Limited