Coffee Supreme

Supreme approached us with a very clear problem, take the complex and make it simple. Their warehouse was becoming overwhelming; too many varieties, too many different packaging options and the consistent need to dispatch, urgently. A packaging solution was required to work across both wholesale and retail. The solution we created was one form in four different sizes. Limited edition coffee is rendered in gold metallic, while other blends proudly display the Supreme brand in a red metallic finish. Retail packs are further branded and blends identified with a colour-coded wrap that slips over the middle of the pack.

"What we loved about working with Ryan and his team was, their disciplined approach to process. We’ve worked with other creatives before, who too easily give in to the temptation of rushing on ahead to the fun stuff. But with Marx, their solid design process kept us engaged all the way through, giving us great confidence that the outcome would be beautifully-tailored and intentional, rather than some fashionable-looking happy accident".

AL KEATING - Managing Creative Director, Coffee Supreme