Marx Promotional Piece
Marx is such an unusual name that new clients tend to get us confused with those other ones - Groucho the comedian, Karl the communist, and [name redacted] the [occupation redacted]. We wanted to clear the confusion once and for all with these light-hearted promotional pieces that establish Marx Design as a unique identity (and go down well!).

The idea behind the promotional piece was to use a series of wine bottles as a vehicle to showcase Marx Design's craft and distinctive approach to packaging design. The bottle series was sent out to existing clients and potential ones. The "X" is used as a graphic device across the series, crossing out out the Marx who is not related.

Our goal of gaining exposure for Marx Design was fulfilled. Since the Marx wine series launched over a year ago, they've received a lot of welcome attention across the internet from packaging and design blogs. In fact, they received so much exposure that they came to the attention of a very famous Marx who did not see the funny side of having his face featured on one of the bottles. 

After receiving a very nice letter from [name redacted]'s lawyers, we were inspired to create a special version of the wine: The Cease & Desist Edition. We've carefully removed any trace of [name redacted] from the packaging, replacing his face with that of an old-timey lawyer, and blocking out all incriminating bits of text from the wine's outer wrapper. The inner side of the wrapper contains a copy of the letter we received, minus all the important bits which have been expertly blanked out so we don't end up going to jail. We all know graphic designers are too delicate for prison life.