Although their product portfolio had grown over the years, Aroha Drinks had a problem. Feedback from trade was that the brand hierarchy was confusing and variant differentiation was weak. Marx Design was approached by Aroha to address the communication issues while embracing the home-spun D.I.Y essence of the brand as this was seen as a big part of the charm. We corrected the brand language and dialled up the juice cues by crafting handmade typography & water colour illustrations. 95% of all artwork on pack was hand drawn to enhance the artisan nature of the product.

"Marx Design have been instrumental in the development of the Aroha Brand. From the invaluable strategic input to flawless finished artwork,
the team draw on vast experience in creating dynamic, tailored, elegant solutions to complex and ever evolving design challenges that are faced in the field of beverage".

MARK DILLON - Owner/Director, Aroha Drinks Ltd