Despite being around for centuries, the cashew or coconut-based liquor called Feni is relatively unknown outside its birthplace of Goa, India. Dona Maria – a small, family-run Feni bottler – approached Marx Design to develop a modernised take on this traditional spirit. The word Cazulo, which means “firefly”, lead us to create the central logotype: a stylised firefly radiating a warming glow – much like the feeling when Feni is consumed. We felt it was very important that the Cazulo remained authentic to the essence of Goa, so we identified patterns and colours from the region and infused them into the design.

"Marx design audaciously embarked on creating a brand identity for an alcohol which till then was disregarded as a peasants drink. We at Dona Maria wanted to produce a design capable of re-contextualizing Feni. After countless hours of research, the collective perception of Feni was deconstructed and then translated into a visual language of imagery, elements, colours, and textures to evolve an expression that would illustrate a perfect alliance between modernity and age-old tradition. For decades branded Feni couldnt get out of its shadow, but Marx Design inspite of not having travalled to India, evolved a design that resonates a seasoned grace and like all his other work has a subconcious appeal to it. The Feni industry has forever changed after that".

HANSEL VAZ - Director, Dona Maria