Coconut Collective

The Coconut Collective have been growing coconuts and making them into delicious products in Sri Lanka for over 100 years. The Australian owners tasked Marx with creating the brand identity and first range of products, 330mL King Coconut Waters. Our design draws inspiration from Sri Lanka. The colour palette reflects the saturated tropical hues of the markets, textiles and architecture. Scuffed illustrations & textures mirror the misaligned print found on local banana stickers and boxes. The result is authentically Sri Lankan: charming, vibrant and playful.

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Marx while developing both Popchips and the Coconut Collective. On both occasions they were able to take the initial idea and creatively develop the design direction to deliver a result well beyond my expectations. Through this process, no stone is left unturned and no detail is too small to be considered and reworked until it justifies its place on pack. Just take a look at the finished work, it speaks for itself".

DIDI LO - Founder & CEO Soulfresh