F.Whitlock & Sons

Or design inspiration for the revamp of the brand formerly know as Whitlocks came directly from Mr Fred Whitlock and his love of hunting. We embraced the notion of building traps to ensnare ingredients and this became the core packaging idea. Drawing on classical story book illustration styles, we imbued each label with an element of subtle violence. Subversive copywriting rewards our men for picking it up, with dark humour and the implied brutality of a product that makes dead animals taste better. Unashamedly targeted towards the growing trend of man-shopper, the packaging has had universal appeal, making many a woman giggle.

As the products are ranged across multiple categories, we endeavoured to create a strong identity, to be instantly recognised no matter the location. In shelves awash with saturated colour, the F.Whitlocks products exude a confident simplicity. The classic glass jars & sauce bottles we imagine having a second life, taking up residence in the shed full of nails and other manly essentials.
A final word from our client: “if something can make people stop at the supermarket shelf and smile then it is worth doing.”