Jules Taylor

‘On The Quiet’ Series

A limited release by Jules Taylor


Sometimes you get very special grapes that make very special wine. And sometimes you don’t tell anybody that you’re going to make a very special wine – which is exactly what Jules did. She had spotted fruit that showed promise and with her desire to challenge conventional Sauvignon Blancs and Pinot Noirs, she hid her project in the back of the barrel hall. After months maturing, two very special wines emerged… along with Jules’ secret.


The OTQ series is a personal expression of Jules Taylor. The design needed to link to the standard range while differentiating from it and communicating its premium nature. We chose to break away from conventional labeling with subtle artwork inspired by the flora and fauna found in Marlborough vineyards, screen-printed onto the bottles. The outline style illustration was reflective against the dark Pinot Noir whilst allowing light to shine through on the Sauvignon Blanc. Gold foil was used for the brand and varietal to further communicate premium quality.


A custom box was designed with two layers to safely display six bottles with the illustration printed as an overgloss on matt black, creating a subtle contrast. The end result combines to communicate a message of quality and indulgence.