Marx Christmas Gift

We believe that the best work happens when the intensity of work is balanced with the inspiration that occurs during leisure time. So as a thank you to clients for a stellar 2016, we created a daily planner with a twist, one that helps balance work and downtime, without prioritising one over the other.


True to the notion that work and life should be considered in equal weighting, the design has no ‘right way up’, with each component intended to be read and orientated two ways. Central to the gift is a set of 12 planners that stack on top of each other back to back, locked together by a central spine allowing each month to be torn away as they end. This brick-like stack of books are neatly cocooned in a cardboard sleeve with perforated tear-tabs for opening, housed by two cloth bound box trays, ‘Leisure’ containing a pencil and ‘Labour’ a pen.