StrangeLove, Lo-cal Soda – Communication

Melbourne-based StrangeLove is a dynamic and unconventional drinks company.

While the market was saturated by sameness (and sugar), there was an opportunity to disrupt – to be the next generation of a better soda. Embracing cues from the glory days of 1960s, 70s and 80s, we focussed on the idea of ‘craft soda’ – refreshment, flavour and effervescence, with a touch of nostalgia.

We landed on a concept we termed ‘premium abstraction’ – paired back design with a strong, singular graphic. Colour plays a part in the abstract shapes that communicate each flavour. Organic in form, they become powerful tools, used in the brand communications and reinforcing the brand’s flavour-first stance. The photography is modern and sophisticated with an assertive, bright confidence with a ‘shoot from the hip’ approach. The clean, modern sans serif type is used in an unconventional way to maintain a sophisticated presence, yet surprise with unexpected typesetting and link to the brand’s irreverent copywriting. Finally, the dot pattern is one of the key assets of the brand, brought to life in brand communications as a minimalist, graphic interpretation of soda / bubbles. Since launch, StrangeLove has doubled in sales due to the savvy combination of flavour innovation, unique design and clever positioning. A cool, unexpected ethos makes it stand out on shelf, as well as connecting to its prime audience.