StrangeLove Lo-cal Soda

Australian premium beverage creators StrangeLove, are not content to follow the traditional visual tropes of their industry kin.With the rise of kombucha and kefir, the soda market has experienced something of a decline. Marx Design saw an opportunity to reimagine the category, that meant first looking back to the glory days of soda to unpack nostalgia, this led us to the question “what does the future of soda look like? This informed the design & the positioning of the soda range. We created a bespoke bottle that tips it’s hat to the heyday of soda, graced with a stippling detail as a cue to effervescence. We developed these iconic shapes which make the design easy to identify within the category. Then topped it off with StrangeLove’s irreverent tone of voice. All tied together striking a right balance of nostalgia & simplicity. The new range has gained instant success.