The True Honey Co. – Branding & Launch

TTHC came to us with a desire to be a ‘next generation’ Mānuka honey brand as a reaction to an industry almost exclusively sold on design cliches. They wanted a brand that not only captured the products’ desirability, but a brand people could also engage with and believe in. After carefully researching the competitor landscape we mapped out three distinctive brand territories that were taken into research in New Zealand and the UK.


We worked closely with Kate Phillips from TypeB to develop a brand positioning that showcases their honest and open approach to business in way that was informative, engaging and fun, without losing sight of the premium nature of the product. Carefully briefing US based illustrator Christopher DeLorenzo we developed a suite of intelligent, yet playful hand drawn illustrations that capture a series of promises made to the consumer, all balanced out with a sophisticated, contemporary type treatment.


After developing a unique pack and product range, we worked on launching the brand which was timed to coincide with the Auckland Food show. On top of designing and overseeing the construction of their bespoke stand, we developed a suite of collateral to communicate their values to consumers – including a 16 page ’newspaper’ we satirically named ’The Truth’. For the show itself, we sourced and oversaw everything from aprons and tote bags to flowering Mānuka plants.