Think – Identity & Promo Piece

Form plays a vital part in creating an outstanding piece of packaging. Our friend Mat started Think Packaging to address this problem – he wanted to rub out sub-standard box templates and send shivers down the spines of blister packs everywhere. As a packaging specialist, Think uses cardboard engineering to tailor the package to the product, creating game-changing form.


Marx created a new logomark that carries cues of a scalpel or a flick of paper that is left over when a mockup is made. With this in mind, Think decided to indulge in some shameless self promotion to celebrate, creating a timeless piece that focused on the humble scalpel (the primary weapon of the cardboard engineer) with the intention of elevating it from a commonplace studio tool to something luxurious and exceptional.


The package starts off life as a sleek, understated cube, engaging interest and exploration. Upon lifting the lid, the precision mitred, hand-assembled walls effortlessly drop down exposing the knife, thrust into the base Excalibur-like. The scalpel’s matte black chrome-plated handle and the blade’s rose gold tint, further enhance the feeling of precision, beauty and craft. A message stresses the limited edition nature of the gift: “you made the cut”.